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Stellar Women is a monthly podcast, hosted by Relativity, celebrating female leaders making their mark in tech. These women share their stories and practical tips to inspire emerging leaders, build a supportive community of allies, and promote gender equity and empowerment.

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    40: Juggling Work and Home Life with Ellen Blanchard

    In this episode, Stellar Women was joined by Ellen Blanchard, director of e-discovery and information governance at T-Mobile. Ellen took us through her journey from sports photography to a position on the board of Mother Attorney Mentoring Association.

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    39: 2020 Year in Review with Kenya Dixon

    This year has posed challenges for many in our Stellar Women community. Some have had to navigate remote work with virtual learning, others have had to find new ways to connect with colleagues and loved ones, and many have found new opportunities in the wake of the chaos.

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    38: Handling Life's Unexpected Turns with Betty Nguyen

    Mila and I were really excited to have Betty Nguyen on Stellar Women. In addition to being a DJ and rugby player, Betty is part of our inaugural Relativity Fellows program, which welcomes motivated individuals from overlooked communities to learn with us and on our software.

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    36: Leading with Positivity with Kamaka Martin

    To build a strong pipeline of leaders, organizations should invest in training and professional development opportunities, according to this month’s Stellar Women guest Kamaka Martin.

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    35: Going In-House with Lesley Chan

    For this Stellar Women episode, we spoke to Lesley Chan about the many mentors who she seeks for advice on navigating her career. As senior legal counsel at AMP Capital, Lesley discusses the transition from working in a law firm to going in-house, and how her curious nature makes her well-suited to that type of work environment.

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    34: Maribel Rivera

    After chatting with Maribel Rivera, it is no surprise that she was the winner of our inaugural Inclusion Breakthrough of the Year Award. This Innovation Award celebrates an individual who is a driving force in creating a more equitable industry, organization, and/or local community where everyone feels like they belong. And, Maribel is the epitome of what this award means.

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    33: Winnie Lai, Walita Jendo, Clare Longworth, & Megan Twibell

    For this special episode of Stellar Women, we brought in some all-stars from Relativity’s own solutions team. Winnie Lai, Walita Jendo, Clare Longworth, and Megan Twibell may work across time zones, but these teammates are always up for helping each other out and staying in communication to foster collaboration throughout their department.

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    32: Joanne Fung, Kim Olivier, & Sati Soni

    For this episode of Stellar Women, we made our way around the globe—virtually, of course—to catch up with some of the women who make up the Control Risks global task force. It was enlightening to hear their unique perspectives on this profession and how to be successful.

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    31: The 2020 Innovation Award Finalists

    Stellar Women is excited to sit down with the finalists for this year's Stellar Women Innovation Award. My colleague and Innovation Awards co-host, Johnathan Hill, and I caught up with Lekecia Barclay, Sarah Thompson, and Kenya Dixon on what this award meant to them.

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    30: Allyship with Altlaw

    In this second allyship-focused episode, Stellar Women in e-Discovery travels across the pond to London. While there, I had a chance to talk about mentorship and elevating women in e-discovery with Altlaw Owner Terrence Searle and Project Manager Cassie Parker. JC Steinbrunner, the brand director at Relativity, also shared his experience being a leader on our brand team and how he works to ensure his team thrives in their work, and in life.

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    29: Susan Wortzman

    Stellar Women chatted with Susan Wortzman from MT>3 on her journey—from starting her own business after overcoming the fear of going out on her own to handling a merger.

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    28: Candice Corby

    Cobra Legal CEO Candice Corby has made it her mission to empower women—both within her company and throughout the world. Stellar Women chatted with Candice about the importance of elevating female professionals across many industries, and how her team takes the bias out of hiring top talent.

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    27: Minisode with Inés Rubio

    Stellar Women caught up with BSI Group's Inés Rubio on best practices for working securely in a remote setting. Inés shares the challenges, and ultimately the opportunities, that have surfaced since shelter in place came to fruition.

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    26 Minisode: Stephanie Clerkin

    Stellar Women caught up with Stephanie Clerkin, director of litigation support at Korein Tilley and the 2019 Stellar Women Innovation Award winner. We chatted about how she is maintaining and growing her network within the legal tech community during this uncertain time.

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    25 Karimah Campbell

    For this episode of Stellar Women, we mixed things up. I was joined by Relativity superstars from across the globe. Guest co-host JC Steinbrunner and I had the pleasure of chatting with Karimah Campbell, Relativity’s manager of EMEA in customer success.

    Karimah chats with our customers daily, so she was able to share her insight into the types of conversations and adaptations being made in the international e-discovery space in response to the current COVID-19 crisis. She also gave us a sneak peek into her Relativity Fest London session, “Navigating Through Uncertain Times in e-Discovery.”

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    24: Allyship with MT>3

    For this special edition episode of Stellar Women, we explored the theme of allyship with MT>3.

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    23: Inés Rubio

    Brand Director JC Steinbrunner joined IInés and Stellar Women host Mary Rechtoris at Ireland’s oldest pub, the Brazen Head, as the podcast’s first male guest. Over a pint of (what else?) Guinness on a blustery day, we chatted about the lessons of travel, her work with Avocats Sans Frontières, the meaning of data resilience, the nuances of mentoring, and what, exactly, is Gaelic football.

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    22: 2019 Year in Review

    For this episode, Mary and I got to chat to the 2019 Stellar Women Innovation Award winner, Stephanie Clerkin. Stephanie is well known for her vivacious social media presence, as well as her deep industry knowledge and experience. We loved chatting to her and we left feeling inspired by, and excited to see what she will do in 2020.

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    21: The Stellar Women of Relativity

    We kicked off 2020 and the third season of Stellar Women by mixing things up. We brought together a group of Relativity women who we believe are “stellar.” During the episode, we hit on a variety of topics that are the crux of this podcast, including mentorship and being a successful leader. We even perfected our improv skills. You can expect to see us headlining the upcoming show at Second City.

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    20: Amanda Fennell

    This episode follows Amanda Fennell’s unique career path to becoming CSO at Relativity and uncovers what makes for a successful remote employee and leader.

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    19: Relativity Fest Minisode

    On the heels of Relativity Fest 2019, our co-hosts share their takeaways from the event and their impressions of the Stellar Women in e-Discovery Innovation Award nominees.

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    18: Kelly Friedman

    Our latest Stellar Women episode dives into what it takes to be a successful manager—and includes some tips for first-time Toronto travelers.

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    17: Khrys McKinney

    This Stellar Women nominee discussed how companies can retain top talent and create a more inclusive work environment, while also sharing some laughs with our hosts.

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    16: Joanne Chua-Robertson

    The e-discovery community is a global force for innovation and creativity—and our latest Stellar Women in e-Discovery nominee proves it.

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    15: On the Road Part 2

    For the second installment in our On the Road series, our two guests discuss the importance of elevating and celebrating our peers in the legal tech industry.

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    14: Jacy Schoen

    In this episode, Jacy Schoen, VP of strategy and consulting and senior e-discovery counsel at Precision Discovery, discusses her career journey and outlines the events that shaped where she is today.

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    13: On the Road Part 1

    In this episode, two guests discuss what it means to be innovative in legal tech and how they paved a path of innovation throughout their careers.

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    12: Tricia Johnson

    No matter the industry or zip code, Tricia Johnson, director of marketing at QDiscovery, has found value in being part of a community.

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    11: Jariya Laoriendee

    Jariya Laoriendee is our latest Stellar Women in e-Discovery nominee. We discussed how automation and analytics play a role in compliance and why residents in a new country should “be bold, be brave, and explore.”

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    10: Mary Mack

    In honor of International Women's Day, Stellar Women in e-Discovery interviewed a professional renowned for her e-discovery expertise and leadership: Mary Mack.

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    9: Chris Chalstrom

    When it comes to being stellar, our latest Stellar Women in e-Discovery candidate, Chris Chalstrom, says it comes down to having a fabulous team.

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    8: 2018 Year in Review

    In this final episode for 2018, April and Mary of Relativity reflect on the conversations had and connections fostered this year. We also got to speak with Joy Murao—winner of this year’s Innovation Award in the Stellar Women category—and share our thoughts for the year ahead.

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    7: Rebecca Grant

    Listen to hear Rebecca’s thoughts on the role of technology and change in e-discovery, encouraging STEM career paths for young girls, and how to foster excitement for innovation on a legal team.

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    6: Judy Torres

    Consensus can be helpful, but you don’t want people to always agree with you—especially your teammates. According to Judy Torres, vice president of information technology for Advanced Discovery, diversity of opinion is crucial when building successful teams.

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    5: Peg Gianuca

    An e-discovery practitioner by day, educator by night, Peg Gianuca recently moved from a law firm environment—and East Coast to West Coast—to join The Walt Disney Company as an in-house technical solutions manager.

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    4: Caitlin Grzymala

    Fresh out of college and eager to make her mark, Caitlin Grzymala started her career at the United States Department of Justice Antitrust Division and worked on some of the department’s largest cases. Nearly 11 years later, Caitlin continues to be inspired by the work that brings her unique projects day-in and day-out.

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    3: Terra Ickes

    Described by her colleague as a “trailblazing pioneer,” Esquify’s Director of Operations Terra Ickes is a leader in the industry whose innovative spirit and dedication to customer success undoubtedly make her stellar woman.

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    2: Joy Murao

    When Joy Murao began her career in litigation support in 1994, the world of discovery looked vastly different. What has held true throughout the years has been the importance of mentorship and empowering young professionals as they navigate their careers.

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    1: Mimi Singh

    According to her teammates, Mimi Singh, associate general counsel and director of e-discovery at Evolver, more than fits the bill of our Stellar Women in e-Discovery. We sat down with Mimi to learn more about keeping up—and keeping a sense of humor.

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