Stellar Women in e-Discovery
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Stellar Women in e-Discovery is a monthly podcast, hosted by Relativity, spotlighting and celebrating female leaders making their mark in the legal field. These women are nominated by industry peers and join us to share their tips, takeaways, and reflections on their careers, mentorship, and more.

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    22: 2019 Year in Review

    For this episode, Mary and I got to chat to the 2019 Stellar Women Innovation Award winner, Stephanie Clerkin. Stephanie is well known for her vivacious social media presence, as well as her deep industry knowledge and experience. We loved chatting to her and we left feeling inspired by, and excited to see what she will do in 2020.

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    21: The Stellar Women of Relativity

    We kicked off 2020 and the third season of Stellar Women by mixing things up. We brought together a group of Relativity women who we believe are “stellar.” During the episode, we hit on a variety of topics that are the crux of this podcast, including mentorship and being a successful leader. We even perfected our improv skills. You can expect to see us headlining the upcoming show at Second City.

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    20: Amanda Fennell

    This episode follows Amanda Fennell’s unique career path to becoming CSO at Relativity and uncovers what makes for a successful remote employee and leader.

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    19: Relativity Fest Minisode

    On the heels of Relativity Fest 2019, our co-hosts share their takeaways from the event and their impressions of the Stellar Women in e-Discovery Innovation Award nominees.

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    18: Kelly Friedman

    Our latest Stellar Women episode dives into what it takes to be a successful manager—and includes some tips for first-time Toronto travelers.

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    17: Khrys McKinney

    This Stellar Women nominee discussed how companies can retain top talent and create a more inclusive work environment, while also sharing some laughs with our hosts.

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    16: Joanne Chua-Robertson

    The e-discovery community is a global force for innovation and creativity—and our latest Stellar Women in e-Discovery nominee proves it.

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    15: On the Road Part 2

    For the second installment in our On the Road series, our two guests discuss the importance of elevating and celebrating our peers in the legal tech industry.

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    14: Jacy Schoen

    In this episode, Jacy Schoen, VP of strategy and consulting and senior e-discovery counsel at Precision Discovery, discusses her career journey and outlines the events that shaped where she is today.

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    13: On the Road Part 1

    In this episode, two guests discuss what it means to be innovative in legal tech and how they paved a path of innovation throughout their careers.

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