Stellar Women in e-Discovery
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Stellar Women in e-Discovery is a monthly podcast, hosted by Relativity, spotlighting and celebrating female leaders making their mark in the legal field. These women are nominated by industry peers and join us to share their tips, takeaways, and reflections on their careers, mentorship, and more.

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    16: Joanne Chua-Robertson

    The e-discovery community is a global force for innovation and creativity—and our latest Stellar Women in e-Discovery nominee proves it.

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    15: On the Road Part 2

    For the second installment in our On the Road series, our two guests discuss the importance of elevating and celebrating our peers in the legal tech industry.

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    14: Jacy Schoen

    In this episode, Jacy Schoen, VP of strategy and consulting and senior e-discovery counsel at Precision Discovery, discusses her career journey and outlines the events that shaped where she is today.

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    13: On the Road Part 1

    In this episode, two guests discuss what it means to be innovative in legal tech and how they paved a path of innovation throughout their careers.

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    12: Tricia Johnson

    No matter the industry or zip code, Tricia Johnson, director of marketing at QDiscovery, has found value in being part of a community.

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    11: Jariya Laoriendee

    Jariya Laoriendee is our latest Stellar Women in e-Discovery nominee. We discussed how automation and analytics play a role in compliance and why residents in a new country should “be bold, be brave, and explore.”

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    10: Mary Mack

    In honor of International Women's Day, Stellar Women in e-Discovery interviewed a professional renowned for her e-discovery expertise and leadership: Mary Mack.

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    9: Chris Chalstrom

    When it comes to being stellar, our latest Stellar Women in e-Discovery candidate, Chris Chalstrom, says it comes down to having a fabulous team.

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    8: 2018 Year in Review

    In this final episode for 2018, April and Mary of Relativity reflect on the conversations had and connections fostered this year. We also got to speak with Joy Murao—winner of this year’s Innovation Award in the Stellar Women category—and share our thoughts for the year ahead.

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    7: Rebecca Grant

    Listen to hear Rebecca’s thoughts on the role of technology and change in e-discovery, encouraging STEM career paths for young girls, and how to foster excitement for innovation on a legal team.

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