Stellar Women in e-Discovery
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Stellar Women in e-Discovery is a monthly podcast, hosted by Relativity, spotlighting and celebrating female leaders making their mark in the legal field. These women are nominated by industry peers and join us to share their tips, takeaways, and reflections on their careers, mentorship, and more.

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    34: Maribel Rivera

    After chatting with Maribel Rivera, it is no surprise that she was the winner of our inaugural Inclusion Breakthrough of the Year Award. This Innovation Award celebrates an individual who is a driving force in creating a more equitable industry, organization, and/or local community where everyone feels like they belong. And, Maribel is the epitome of what this award means.

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    33: Winnie Lai, Walita Jendo, Clare Longworth, & Megan Twibell

    For this special episode of Stellar Women, we brought in some all-stars from Relativity’s own solutions team. Winnie Lai, Walita Jendo, Clare Longworth, and Megan Twibell may work across time zones, but these teammates are always up for helping each other out and staying in communication to foster collaboration throughout their department.

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    32: Joanne Fung, Kim Olivier, & Sati Soni

    For this episode of Stellar Women, we made our way around the globe—virtually, of course—to catch up with some of the women who make up the Control Risks global task force. It was enlightening to hear their unique perspectives on this profession and how to be successful.

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    31: The 2020 Innovation Award Finalists

    Stellar Women is excited to sit down with the finalists for this year's Stellar Women Innovation Award. My colleague and Innovation Awards co-host, Johnathan Hill, and I caught up with Lekecia Barclay, Sarah Thompson, and Kenya Dixon on what this award meant to them.

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    30: Allyship with Altlaw

    In this second allyship-focused episode, Stellar Women in e-Discovery travels across the pond to London. While there, I had a chance to talk about mentorship and elevating women in e-discovery with Altlaw Owner Terrence Searle and Project Manager Cassie Parker. JC Steinbrunner, the brand director at Relativity, also shared his experience being a leader on our brand team and how he works to ensure his team thrives in their work, and in life.

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    29: Susan Wortzman

    Stellar Women chatted with Susan Wortzman from MT>3 on her journey—from starting her own business after overcoming the fear of going out on her own to handling a merger.

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    28: Candice Corby

    Cobra Legal CEO Candice Corby has made it her mission to empower women—both within her company and throughout the world. Stellar Women chatted with Candice about the importance of elevating female professionals across many industries, and how her team takes the bias out of hiring top talent.

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    27: Minisode with Inés Rubio

    Stellar Women caught up with BSI Group's Inés Rubio on best practices for working securely in a remote setting. Inés shares the challenges, and ultimately the opportunities, that have surfaced since shelter in place came to fruition.

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    26 Minisode: Stephanie Clerkin

    Stellar Women caught up with Stephanie Clerkin, director of litigation support at Korein Tilley and the 2019 Stellar Women Innovation Award winner. We chatted about how she is maintaining and growing her network within the legal tech community during this uncertain time.

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    25 Karimah Campbell

    For this episode of Stellar Women, we mixed things up. I was joined by Relativity superstars from across the globe. Guest co-host JC Steinbrunner and I had the pleasure of chatting with Karimah Campbell, Relativity’s manager of EMEA in customer success.

    Karimah chats with our customers daily, so she was able to share her insight into the types of conversations and adaptations being made in the international e-discovery space in response to the current COVID-19 crisis. She also gave us a sneak peek into her Relativity Fest London session, “Navigating Through Uncertain Times in e-Discovery.”

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